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Means the forest tree, means, breathing our air, so, in short, mean life...

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Mehmet Uğur TATAR was born in 1959 in the Kale of Denizlis Castle. Completed his education at Denizli City College. Then until 1994 the father was involved in the transport sector. In the same year, a modest little plant on the way to City Acıpayam scrap paper trading began. That since the implementation of international standards in the future will be a modern facility has been preparing the ground. Business principles in the life of this earlier work by strengthening the new başlangıçtada continued.   Purposes and by working into the night and day came into force in 2004, "Packaging and Packaging Waste Control Regulation" Our plant went into operation in accordance with the criteria. Shortly after the introduction into operation in 2005 in Denizli in Turkey, the first and tenth single, "Language Acquisition-Separation with" plant now has the title.    Tataroğlu Kağıtçılık Company, the company philosophy of human health and the environment as clean on this issue by adopting the necessary staff training has begun. Trained personnel who end up defending their social rights, has an administrative structure.    Tataroğlu Kağıtçılık Company, social responsibi...


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